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Law that Heals Podcast – Episode 12

Episode 12: We discuss the Vatican fighting against laws that would push priests to disclose sexual abuse told to them during confession, as well as an update on Erin’s Law in New York and news about the $34 million settlement reached between the Diocese of New Ulm, MN and survivors of abuse.

Law that Heals Podcast – Episode 11: Marci Hamilton Discusses the Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis

Episode 11: You’ll get to hear more from renowned expert on child sexual abuse Marci A. Hamilton, as the UPenn Law Professor and CEO of CHILD USA discusses whys he believes that the Catholic Church is “spending all of their money on lawsuits and lobbying instead of proactive protections for children” and why she thinks taking legal action is the “only mechanism that we know forces institutions to change.”

Law that Heals Podcast – Episode 10: Marci Hamilton discusses reform policies and Child USA

Episode 10: Marci A. Hamilton, one of the foremost advocates for survivors of child sex abuse in the country as well as a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, speaks about statute of limitations reform and the role that her organization, Child USA, plays in the larger picture of preventing child abuse and supporting survivors.

Law that Heals Podcast – Episode 8: Interview with David Clohessy

Episode 8: A survivor of clergy sexual abuse and prominent advocate for survivors, David Clohessy, discusses why he began advocating for other survivors, as well as talking about an organization which he is a part of and formerly led, SNAP – The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests – before telling us why “only vigilance protects the vulnerable.”

Law that Heals Podcast – Episode 7

Episode 7: We talk about a prominent judge in New York who recently revealed his sexual abuse by a doctor in hopes of inspiring others to report, as well as a bill that extends the statute of limitations within Rhode Island but is receiving negative feedback from survivors, and a recently published survey of Americans about the Catholic sexual abuse crisis within the country.

Law that Heals Podcast – Ep. 4: Interview with Jane Doe MA

Episode 4: A survivor of sexual abuse by Fr. Edmund Netter speaks out about her “duty to report,” her feelings during the reporting process, and why other survivors should “not wait as long as I did and suffer in silence.” For subtitles, please view this video on our Facebook. The Law that Heals Podcast is written…
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Law that Heals Podcast – Episode 3

In the third episode of the Law that Heals Podcast, dedicated towards discussing current events and self-care tips that are relevant to survivors of sexual abuse: we talk about an interview where several New Yorkers who survived sexual abuse by Scout Masters reveal their thoughts, a woman who ran 340 miles to raise money for abuse survivors, and the Iowa Attorney General’s decision to ask the 5 dioceses within Iowa to send his office information on clergy who have perpetrated abuse.

Law that Heals Podcast – Episode 2

The Law that Heals Podcast is a podcast discussing current events, organizations, research, and self-care tips relevant to survivors of sexual abuse.

On this episode, we take a look at some of the recent stories about the ongoing sexual abuse crisis within the Catholic Church, including the Diocese of Buffalo, NY’s compensation program.

Effect of Clergy Sexual Abuse on Self-Identity

By: Tyler Aliperto and Patrick Noaker I don’t even know who I am,” said one survivor (Participant 508) due to the effects that being sexually abused by a priest as a child had on his self identity.   This is a feeling that many of our clients and many victims of clergy sexual abuse express…
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