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Law that Heals Podcast – Episode 5

Episode 5: We discuss the Boy Scouts of America’s recent admission that they allowed some individuals with credible accusations of sexual abuse to return to scouting, the state of Arizona passing a law that extends their statute of limitations on child sexual abuse, and the progress of “Erin’s Law:” a New York bill that would mandate training and education surrounding sexual assault for students and faculty.

Law that Heals Podcast – Episode 3

In the third episode of the Law that Heals Podcast, dedicated towards discussing current events and self-care tips that are relevant to survivors of sexual abuse: we talk about an interview where several New Yorkers who survived sexual abuse by Scout Masters reveal their thoughts, a woman who ran 340 miles to raise money for abuse survivors, and the Iowa Attorney General’s decision to ask the 5 dioceses within Iowa to send his office information on clergy who have perpetrated abuse.