Sexually Abusive Boy Scout Leaders in Newark, New Jersey

Boy Scout Patch

Arnold Edward Codispoti [Click on name to view IV Perversion File]

Arnold Edward Codispoti was a Scout Leader with Newark Troop 65 and Explorer Troop 654.  In addition to being a Scout Leader, Codispoti was a Sergeant with the Essex County  Police. Codispoti directed the Essex Council’s Order of the Arrow program and was named policeman of the year for his work in Scouting.   In December 1984, Codispoti was arrested in December 1984 for sexually abusing Boy Scouts in his troop.  According to the Prosecutor, Codispoti would give alcohol to his victimsin order to break down his defenses and then Codispoti would sexually abuse the boy.  Codispoti abused boys at his Cedar Grove home, the Essex County Police Academy and on Scout campouts.  In February 1986, Codispoti pled guilty to 27 counts of sexually abusing eight different Scouts who were between ages 11 to 15 years old. Ultimately, Codispoti was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Gregory Fleming [Click on name to view IV Perversion File]

According to an April 24, 1986 article in the Asbury Free Press, Gregory Fleming, an Assistant in Arnold Codispoti’s Scout Troop, was also charged with multiple counts of sexually abusing Scouts on campouts as well as other places.  Flemming was a former professional hockey player who was popular with the Scouts.  Flemming was sentenced to 7 years in prison for his abusive behavior.

Fr. Richard M. Galdon [Click on name to view IV Perversion File]

In addition to being a Boy Scout Chaplain, Richard Galdon was also a Catholic Priest. According to the same Asbury Free Press article, Richard Galdon was also a friend of Arnold Codispoti.  In 1985, Galdon was arrested for sexually abusing boys.  During the investigation Galdon admitted to sexually abusing boys for 17 years.  In October 1987, Galdon was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Peter Kistner [Click on name to view IV Perversion File]

Peter Kistner was a Cub Scout Leader for Pack 529 in Newark.  In February 1991, a Cub Scout reported Kistner for having the Scout sit on Kistner’s lap while driving his car.  According to the boy, there was something hard and Kistner began moving his hips.  The matter was reported to the Essex County Prosecutor and an Ineligible Volunteer Perversion file was created.