Sexual Abuse Hearings March on in Rochester, New York

(Rochester, NY) The special sexual abuse hearings in the Diocese of Rochester, New York continued through Tuesday. Two more survivors of sexual abuse testified before New York State Supreme Court Justice (Retired) Robert Lunn. These hearings are intended to provide a forum for those sexually abused by Catholic clergy to testify in private and in a setting where they can describe what happened to them as children.

According to a WHEC-10 report, when describing the hearings, Justice Lunn stated “These are individuals telling their story.” “They’re not placed under oath. They’re not cross-examined. It’s somewhat of an informal setting.”  “I can sum it up in three words. Betrayal of trust,” Lunn declared. “It’s very emotional for them. Very sad cases. They are recounting incidents that happened some 40, 45, sometimes 50 years ago, trying to tell it in a way that makes some sense to me.”

Leander James, an attorney who has represented abuse survivors across the country and the attorney for the four survivors of abuse who have testified this week confirmed that “It’s been very emotional. It’s also very healing and a good process.” James is scheduled to present the testimony of four more abuse survivors this week to Justice Lunn.