Diocese of Rochester Agrees to Bankruptcy Settlement

Yesterday, the Official Creditors Committee in the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy of the Diocese of Rochester, New York announced that it has an agreement with the Diocese of Rochester for damages to sexual abuse victims. According to the agreement, the Diocese must pay $55 million into a trust account that will be distributed to 475 sexual abuse survivors. Nationally recognized Attorney Leander James, who represents 49 Rochester Diocese abuse survivors, stated “this settlement goes beyond monetary agreement with the Diocese. It also includes protections for children moving forward to prevent future sexual abuse.”


This is only a partial settlement of the Diocese bankruptcy. The determination of how much the Diocese insurance companies must pay under their contracts with the Diocese remains to be resolved. The Diocese insurance companies are London Market Insurers, Lloyd’s of London, Interstate Fire & Casualty Co., National Surety Corp. and Continental Insurance Co. (CNA) and its affiliates.

In May, the Diocese asked the bankruptcy judge to approve an agreement with its insurance carriers to provide $107.25 million to settle all claims; however survivors blasted the proposal, saying the figure was far too low.