David Beardsley

Swim Coach and Scout Leader: David J. Beardsley

Affiliations: Roseville Stingrays Swimming Club, Tomahawk Scout Camp


Assistant Boy Scout Leader David J. Beardsley appeared on the surface to be an ideal Scout Leader. Beardsley was a member of the Order of Arrow and even received a District Award of Merit. Beardsley was young (30 years old), single, had no children, with plenty of time and enthusiasm for the Scouts.

However, David Beardsley had a dark side. According to a letter from parents of a Boy Scout in St. Paul Troop 66 dated July 12, 1972, Assistant Scout Leader David Beardsley sexually assaulted their son multiple times while on a camp-out at Tomahawk Scout Camp. [Click Here to View BSA File and Letter] As a result of the report, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) terminated Beardsley as a Scout Leader. BSA also created a secret ineligible volunteer file for Beardsley. There is no evidence that the sexual assaults were reported to law enforcement, or to anyone outside the Boy Scouts.

Shortly after being terminated from the Scouts, David Beardsley infiltrated AAU Youth Swimming. Again, Beardsley appeared very qualified to be a coach of a youth swimming team. Beardsley was a Letterman swimmer for three years at Alexander Ramsey High School in Roseville, Minnesota. Beardsley was young, single, had no children, with plenty of time and enthusiasm for the swimming club. Around 1974, Beardsley became an Assistant Coach for the AAU Roseville Stingrays Swimming Club. Unfortunately, Beardsley picked up where he left off with the Boy Scouts, sexually abusing at least two young AAU swimmers, while they participated in AAU events.

This is a tragic story that could be repeated today. The Boy Scouts of America still maintain secret files for Boy Scout Leaders who sexually abuse children. These files are kept under lock and key and are completely unavailable to any other youth organizations. This secrecy remains a barrier to the sharing of information that could keep child sexual abusers like David Beardsley from moving from youth organization to youth organization to prey upon innocent children. Without question, there is much to be done to protect children from sexual abusers. A good place to start is for youth-serving organizations to share information about sexual abusers in order to prevent this type of organization hopping by very dangerous predators.

If you have any information about David J. Beardsley or the Roseville Stingrays Swimming Club please contact Investigator William Haider (612) 244-8356 or Bill@noakerlaw.com or Attorney Patrick Noaker (612) 349-2735 or Patrick@noakerlaw.com.


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