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Young woman with down syndrome in gymPersons with intellectual disabilities are sexually assaulted at a rate that is seven times the assault rate of the general population. We represent survivors of sexual abuse with intellectual disabilities in lawsuits against group homes, employers and other institutions who fail to protect vulnerable adults.


Third Amended Complaint in Jane Doe 114 v. TSE Inc., Dan Reitz and Rescare Minnesota Inc.


Job Coach Arrested for Abusing Two Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Hartford, Connecticut – According to a report from NBC – CT, a job coach for persons with intellectual disabilities, Ricardo Marchand, was arrested for sexually abusing two clients under Marchand’s supervision.  According to the news report, Marchand sexually assaulted the two victims multiple times between 2014 and 2017 while the victims were working at the Allstate Records Retention warehouse facility in East Windsor, Connecticut.  Marchand reportedly had the two victims watch pornography and then had sexual contact with the victims.  One of the victims was mostly nonverbal.  According to the report, Marchand’s sexual abuse was uncovered after one of the victims told his mother what Marchand was doing.  Read More.

How to Protect People With Intellectual Disabilities From Sexual Assault

Pat Evans, NBC KARE 11

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn – People with intellectual disabilities are sexually assaulted at a rate seven times higher than the general population, yet assaults go undetected and unreported.

Nationally recognized sexual assault/abuse attorney Patrick Noaker talks about warning signs and tips for drawing out information, seeking help and taking legal action. Noaker has represented hundreds of sexual assault and abuse survivors in cases across the United States.

National Public Radio examines the sexual abuse of people with disabilities

National Public Radio examines the sexual abuse of people with disabilities

By Marianne Combs and Manda Lillie, NPR

People with intellectual and physical disabilities are more vulnerable to sexual assault than the average person. Joseph Shapiro is taking a hard look at why this happens and what’s being done to keep vulnerable populations safe in a series of reports for National Public Radio. He joined guest host Marianne Combs to talk about his investigation.

Shapiro was joined by local attorney Patrick Noaker who is prosecuting a case involving a young woman with Down syndrome who was attacked at a social event. Noaker spoke to the process after the assault, the difficulties of understanding what happened to the victim and what it means to hold someone accountable. It’s often the institution, rather than the individual, who Noaker prosecutes.

Katie Thune of Sexuality for All Abilities discussed her work with people of differing abilities to “help improve their quality of life.” Her organization provides sex education and support for people with disabilities and their families.

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