Fr. Morgan Kuhl

Diocese:  Archdiocese of New York

Summary of Assignments:

  • 1993: Ordained
  • 1993-1998:  Holy Child; Staten Island, NY
  • 1998-1999:  St. Mary of the Assumption; Staten Island, NY
    • Administrator
  • 1998-1999:  Christ the King; Staten Island
    • This was a mission of St. Mary of the Assumption
  • 2001: Not listed in the Directory
  • 2001-2002:  On Leave of Absence


Also known as Morgan J. Kihl.

In October 1999, Kuhl travelled to Perth Amboy, New Jersey to meet a 15-year-old boy named “Jay”, who he had been communicating with online. In fact, “Jay” was an undercover FBI agent and upon Kuhl’s arrival to his prearranged meeting place with “Jay,” the FBI arrested Kuhl on a charge of interstate travel to have sex with a minor. FBI agents found four packages of condoms in Kuhl’s car and a printout of the e-mail from “Jay,” confirming plans to meet in the baseball field bleachers at Washington Park. Kuhl was sentenced to 4 months in a halfway house and 4 months under house arrest as well as a $3,000 fine. The judge later reduced Kuhl’s sentence to 5 years probation and adherence to a program at Trinity Retreat in Larchmont.

In 2002, Kuhl pled guilty to fondling a 16-year-old-boy’s genitals in the basement of the teen’s home in August 1999. Kuhl was sentenced to 45 days jail and 1 year probation. He was given a 1 year conditional discharge.

As of April 2017, Kuhl was last known to be residing in Holmes, NY.

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