Fr. James Schlaffer

Diocese:  Diocese of Gallup, Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Notes:  A 7/27/04 article in the Gallup Independent related that Schlaffer is alleged to have ‘probed the vaginal area’ of an 18-year-old Navajo girl hospitalized and in traction at the Gallup Indian Medical Center. On her first day of work after graduating from high school, the girl had been struck by a car as she walked on the shoulder of a reservation road. The girl ordered Schlaffer from her hospital room, expelled him again when he returned, and requested that the hospital add a note to her record stating that she wanted no visits from him. Subsequently the girl met another injured girl at the hospital, age 17, who said Schlaffer was a ‘nasty priest’ who had put his hand under her blouse and fondled her. Schlaffer was ordained for the Milwaukee archdiocese. He died on 8/22/98.

Sources:  Racine News Journal Obituary 08.22.98; Gallup Independent 07.27.04