Fr. William C. Graham

Diocese: Diocese of Duluth


Pastor of St. Michael’s in Duluth when placed on leave 5/23/16 after accusated in a lawsuit of sex abuse of a 15-16 yr-old boy in 1977-78. The boy was a student at Cathedral High, where Graham worked variously as principal, chaplain, religious studies dept head and teacher. Per the suit, the accuser’s father told the diocese of the alleged abuse in 2010. Graham denied the accusation and filed suit 7/16 against his accuser. Diocese announced in 8/18 that the allegations against Graham were credible. Jury trial for Graham’s suit against his accuser 8/21/18. Jury said accuser interfered with Graham’s contractual duties when he filed claims in 5/16, but did not intentionally inflict distress on him. Accuser ordered to pay Graham $13,500 in damages.


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