Fr. Stephen Toporowitz

[No Photo Available]

Date of birth: 5/13/1914

Date of ordination: 6/7/1941

Abuse History:

On 12/31/13, the Diocese released its list of 17 clergy, including Toporowitz, who had been credibly accused of sexual abuse of young persons while serving in the Diocese and another five who had been accused while residing in the diocese at some time. Served entire career in Duluth diocese. Died 6/16/69 white assigned to St. John’s Church in Virginia, MN. Allegation of abuse received at some point after his death. No further information known.

Source: of Duluth List of Clergy With Credible Claims 12.31.13; Diocese of Duluth Statement by Bishop Sirba 12.31.13;Duluth News Tribune 12.31.13; Legal Examiner 12.31.13; Northlands News Center 12.31.13; Duluth News Tribune 01.01.14

Assignments in Diocese of Duluth:

  • Asst. Pastor: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Duluth – 7/9/1941­ 9/4/1941
  • Pastor: St. Mary, Star of the Sea Church, Duluth – 9/4/1941 – 10/12/1944
  • Pastor: Willow River and Split Rock – 10/17/1944 – 6/10/1964
(Split Rock attached to Sturgeon Lake 4/20/1960)
  • Pastor: St. Joseph’s Church, Deerwood 
and mission of Our Lady of Fatima, Garrison – 6/10/1964 – 1/7/1965
  • Chaplain: St. Joseph’s Hospital, Brainerd – 1/7/1965 – 8/24/1966
  • Pastor: St. John’s Church, Virginia – 8/24/1966 – 6/16/1969

Died 6/16/1969