Fr. Thomas W. Rogers

Diocese:  Diocese of Ogdensburg, Diocese of Greensburg (PA)


Diocese of Greensburg, PA priest. First named publicly as accused in the 8/14/18 PA Grand Jury Report. Allegation 8/62 of attempted sexual assault by Rogers of an adolescent boy near Lake Saranac in NY. Diocese of Ogdensburg NY notified Greensburg’s Bishop Connare. Alleged victim told police in the Lake Saranac area that the attempted assault occurred after he was picked up hitch-hiking. The boy escaped and was able to give detailed information to police. The car was traced to Rogers, who was in the area visiting his mother. The boy’s description of the man in the car matched Rogers “perfectly.” Police confronted Rogers at a local church rectory; he denied the incident. The boy’s father, “a good Catholic,” was called to the rectory. He agreed not to press charges if Rogers stayed away from the area and admitted guilt. Police agreed. Rogers left town the same day. Rogers remained in parish ministry. Retired 11/98. Removed from public ministry after review of file in 2002. Died 2005


PA Grand Jury Report Profile 08.14.18