Sr. Benen Kent

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Chicago, Diocese of Winona

Religious Order:  Sisters of St. Francis


Nun. Sued. Accused of abuse 1962-1967 by one woman in 2005 suit. Two more women filed suit 2006. They claim the order knew Kent suffered from mental illness and had behaved questionably with children. Abused in Chicago IL and MN. Died 2003. In 4/07 Court dismissed 1 suit on SOL, parts of a 2nd and left the 3rd intact. Court of Appeals upheld the dismissal 4/30/08. Claims settled 9/08. Two women received $400K total. Other accusers have come forward. Suit filed in Winona MN 4/16 alleging sexual abuse by Kenan of two minors 1958-61.

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