Fr. John James Keehan

Diocese:  Archdiocese of Chicago

Summary of Assignments:

  • 4/27/1967:  Ordained
  • 1967-1974:  St. Basil’s; Chicago, IL
  • 1974-1979:  Our Lady of Good Counsel; Chicago, IL
  • 1980:  Not indexed in Directory
  • 1980-1983:  St. Thomas of Canterbury; Chicago, IL
  • 1983-1985:  Our Lady of Lourdes; Chicago, IL
  • 1986:  Not indexed in Directory
  • 1986-1990:  Queen of Angels; Chicago, IL
  • 1990-1991:  Holy Innocents; Chicago, IL
  • 1991-1995:  St. Ann’s; Chicago, IL
  • 6/2002:  Removed from public ministry


Charges of sexual misconduct against Keehan date back to between1967-1974 during his first assignment at St. Basil (later St. Basil/Visitation). Removed from public ministry 6/02. Archdiocese had determined years ago there was “reasonable cause to believe” that Keehan (and others removed at same time) had abused children. Keehan said he would appeal the decision. Computer taken away from Keehan in 9/10 as he was accessing numerous social networking sites, most child-oriented. In 1/13 archdiocese recommended he enroll in a technology course to prevent his continued reliance on his “ignorance” of technology to avoid accountability re internet use.

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