Rev. Msgr. Thomas F. Brady

Diocese:  Diocese of Brooklyn

Summary of Assignments:

  • May 30, 1959: Ordained
  • 1960-1963: St. Edmund; Brooklyn, NY
  • 1963-1985: Teacher and Rector at Cathedral Preparatory High School; Brooklyn, NY
  • 1964-1972: St. Boniface; Brooklyn, NY
  • 1973-1976: Christ the King Grammar School; Springfield, NY
  • September 12, 1974-2011: Chaplain of the New York City Fire Department
  • 1977-1985: Listed as Absent on Leave, but a Fr. Thomas F. A. Brady is listed as Rector-Principal of Cathedral Preparatory Seminary; Elmhurst
    • 1979-1985: Rector
  • 1985-1990: St. Camillus; Rockaway Park/Seaside, NY
  • 1990-2013: Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church; Marine Park, NY


In 2009, Brady retired from Good Shepherd in Marine Park, but continued to live in the rectory.

In October 2011, Brady was arrested on charges of having sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy at Good Shepherd Parochial School. Another boy accused Brady of sexually abusing him on the same day, hours after the first attack. Brady was placed on forced administrative leave. A grand jury failed to indict him on criminal charges in May 2012, however Brady remained on leave while the Diocese continued its internal investigation.

Brady died on March 25, 2013. He was a member of the Priests’ Purgatorial Society.

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