Fr. Barry Ryan

Diocese:  Diocese of Brooklyn

Summary of Assignments:

  • 1979-1982 — St. Mark
  • 1983-1984 — St. Fidelis
  • 1985-1994 — Military Chaplain in Brooklyn

Notes:  Air Force Chaplain for many years. Left military in 1995 after investigation in 1994 for sexual misconduct with minor in Mobile, AL. Also left active priesthood. Name became known in 2003. Pleaded guilty in late 2004 to abuse of a 6 yr old boy in fall of 2003 in NY. Suffering from stomach cancer. Resided at St. Luke’s, rather than jail, because of “Health.” Attempted suicide 8/07 to avoid sentencing. Remanded to prison 10/29/07. As of June 2009, he was living at St. John Vianney Renewal Center in Missouri, which treats priests known to be sex abusers.

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