New York Boy Scouts

New York Ineligible Volunteer (IV) / Perversion Files

If files are public, the perpetrator is identified and linked to their public records. If a file has not been made public, the person is identified by their perpetrator number and the year.





  • White, Douglas Louis, 1972, Troop 399: He was asked to leave scouting by the Troop Committee and parents after he was caught molesting boys.


Barre Center


  • Ladison, Charles E., 1982, Troop 24: Confessed to numerous sexual acts with children. He was convicted of rape in 1984.


Blue Point

  • Mooney, Michael, 1989, Troop 49: Made sexual advances on a teenage boy after giving him alcohol. Reported by the boy in



  • Hubert, Ronald, 1974, Troop 101: Arrested for incest in 1974, pled guilty to sexual-abuse.


  • Mancuso, Patrick A., 1977, Troop 270: Repeated molestation of male minors during troop activities.


  • Kelly, Robert J., 1964, Troop 203: Three scouts reported that he sexually assaulted them on an overnight campout.
  • Modica, Freddie, 1973, Pack 494: Accused of Sodomy and child abuse. He pled guilty to attempted sodomy in 1973.
  • Schneyer, Ronald W., 1965, Troop 228: A complaint was filed to the Scouts by the mother of a scout who was preyed upon by
    Schneyer. The mother also called the police, resulting in him going to jail. He eventually pled
    guilty to impairing the morals of a minor and exposing himself.
  • Shedloskey, George, 1990: Arrested for molesting a boy. Police searched Shedloskeys home and found several photographs and magazines of nude males. The parents of the boy decided not to press charges.
  • Thorpe, Menica Oliver, 1988, Troop 625: Sexually-assaulted scouts while asleep at a campout. Charged with second-degree sexual abuse.
  • Van Orden, John, 1963, Pack 531: Committed to psychiatric hospital for abusing a six-year old boy in 1963.


  • Methvin, Robert, 1972, Explorer 948, 48: Boy reported Methvin sexually assaulted him. He was placed on boy scout confidential
    file in 1972.


  • Hodge, Donald A., 1965, Troop 83: Pled guilty to moral charges. Abused scouts on a camping trip in the summer of 1964.
  • Jones, Timothy H., 1989, Explorer 10: Jones was sent to prison for sodomizing three boys who attended the high school he
    worked at. Dropped from the scouts in 1989.
  • Knoer, Robert Harold, 1966, Pack 535: Assault charge in 1959. In 1962 he served 1 year in the penitentiary for impairing the
    morals of a minor. Suspended from the Boy Scouts on psychiatric probation.

Buffalo/Grand Island

  • Martin, Richard Earl, 1967, Troop 335, 257: Accused of sexual abuse by a boy in his troop in 1967.

Camp Drum

  • Watson, Clarence E., 1967, Troop 26: Abused a 16-year- old boy. Pressured the boy to take nude photos.




  • Van Luven, Daniel W., 1986, Troop 60: In August of 1986 he was arrested and pled guilty to sexual-abuse of a 13-year old boy.


  • Merritt, Lowell L., 1969, Troop 67: Charged with indecent exposure in 1967. He spent a year in jail on abuse charges in the
    late 1940’s.



  • Sanders, Mell J., 1989, Pack 224: One of his victims wrote a letter to scout leaders explaining that they had been raped by
    Mell Sanders and he had sexually abused other people as well.


  • Latham, Richard William, 1971, Troop 87: Was placed on confidential file because he was charged with substance debauchery of a child. Removed from Scouting in 1972
  • Moulton, John Dudley, 1972, Troop 11: Arrested for sexual-abuse of a boy in 1970.


  • Grace, John E., 1989, Troop 567
  • Nail, Douglas W., 1988, Troop 565: Abused scouts, approximately 12 years old, during overnight campout at his apartment.

East Syracuse

  • Milczarek, Charles L., 1989, Troop 500: Convicted sex offender. He abused two boys in his troop for three years before he was


  • Felker, Richard H., 1987, Explorer 75
  • Howe, Arthur J., 1990, Troop 20: Placed on Boy Scouts ineligibility list in 1990 following molestation case.
  • Noyes, Thomas E., 1987, Troop 15: Confessed in writing to touching a scout’s genitals at troop campout.
  • Shope, Gary C., 1965, Troop 38: Dismissed from scouting for having an unhealthy relationship with a scout. This was
    backed up by letters found that were written to the Scout by Shope.


  • Sparks, Guy K., 1990, Troop 20: Molested boys in his troop on campouts between 1985 and 1990. He was convicted on
    sodomy charges.


  • Hooper, Jack, 1990, Troop 234: Sexually abused a nine-year- old girl in 1990 according to a statement from the girl’s

Fly Creek

  • Jungers, Albert Kenneth, 1991, Troop 7: Aka Rev. Albert Kenneth Jungers, pled guilty to sexually-assaulting two boys.


Fort Ann

  • Ingraham, Robert L., 1987, Troop 46: Jailed in 1987 for sexual-abuse of a 7-year old and 8-year old boy.



  • Spear, Edward D., 1991, Pack 63: Court documents in his perversion file show he was charged with second degree sexual
    abuse. He was involved with a girl under the age of fourteen.


  • Webb, Robert S., 1988, Troop 21: Arrested in 1988 for first-degree child sexual-abuse.

Grand Gorge


  • Smith, James Warren, 1972, Troop 77: Pled Guilty to a charge of third-degree sodomy of a 13-year old scout.


  • Malone, Matthew, 1971, Troop 119: Charged with sexual abuse of a minor in 1971.


  • O’Hara, Michael J., 1966, Troop 115: Removed from scouts after a boy reported that O’Hara had sexually assaulted him at
    scout camp. No legal action was taken, as he was also a Catholic school teacher, everything was
    handled internally by the church.


  • Izzo, Robert, 1989, Troop 100: Arrested in 1989 for two counts of sodomy and two counts of sexual-abuse against a
    male minor.




  • Stella, John, 1989, Explorer 142, Troop 41: Sentenced to one-year probation for sex-abuse, assault and coercion.

Hyde Park

  • Wall, Charles Vernon, 1967, Troop 73: He was kicked out of scouting in Florida on accusations that he was abusing children.
    He moved to New York and got involved with Troop 73.

Indian Falls

  • Lamkin, LaVerne S., 1977, Troup 66: Abused a 15-year- old boy on a camping trip in 1977.



Jersey City

  • Krajewski, Raymond, 1989, Troop 432: Accused of trying to take a boys’ pants off at overnight campout.

Johnson City

  • Pugh, David W., 1983, Troop 104: Sexually assaulted a 13-year old scout in 1983. Convicted on sodomy charges.


Lee Center

  • Hopkins, Robert James, 1972, Troop 87: Admitted to sexually-abusing a 10-year old boy in Lee Center. Hopkins was removed
    from the scouts in 1972.




  • Pugh, Gordon, 1975, Explorer 200: Sexually abused a 13-year old scout who visited his home to work on the photography
    merit badge.


  • Bains, Edward, 1964, Troop 585
  • Olaskowitz, Michael, 1986, Pack 515, Troop 515
  • O’Rourke, William,  1965, Troop 351: Convicted on morals charge. Upon investigation after a complaint from a scout’s mother
    it was found that O’Rourke had abused several scouts.
  • Schwieg, Daniel J., 1964, Troop 560: Placed on Boy Scouts Confidential file after being informed by the police that Mr.
    Schwieg was the leading suspect in a rape case involving children.


  • Hungate, James M., 1960, Troop 226, 333, 712: Discharged from the Airforce in 1960 for sexual-assault of 10-year old girl. He was placed in an Airforce hospital where psychiatrists diagnosed him as a pedophile. As a scout master he was placed on the Boy Scouts’ confidential file due to Airforce incident.



  • Nolte, Burdette, 1969, Explorer 2: Placed on Boy Scouts confidential file because of sodomy charges.


  • Hills, Mark E., 1988, Troop 79: Found guilty of abusing three boys in his scout troop.

New York

  • Aviles, Daniel, 1989, Pack 196
  • D’Amore, Robert F., 1977, Troop 284
  • Helmlinger, Lawrence C., 1961, Troop 277
  • Jacoby, Robert J., 1976, Pack 158, Troop 158: Pack leader to Troop leader of Troop 158 then transferred to Troop 205. He was assistant scout master from 1974-1976. Removed from scouts after being charged with multiple counts of child molestation.
  • Morris, Ernest, 1964, Troop 605: Charged with sodomy on 12-year old boy. Mr. Morris’s parole officer contacted the
    Bronx Scout Office in 1975 informing them that he warned Mr. Morris that he should desist
    from scouting and that Morris’ criminal record did warrant his youth affiliations.
  • Rodriguez, Edward A., 1965, Troop 739: He admitted to sexually abusing three boys in Troop 739.
  • Rosenquist, John, 1990, Troop 687: Tried and found guilty for attempted sodomy in the third degree.
  • Santinelli, Arthur, 1966, Troop 682: Concerned parents ousted him from being a scout master. Placed on the Scouts’
    confidential file in 1966 after he was convicted of impairing the morals of a minor.
  • Sigmund, Frederick, 1967, Troop 639, 677: Sigmund was arrested in November of 1966 after two scouts filed charges against him. He was found guilty of impairing the morals of a minor and carnal abuse.
  • Warwick, Alexander, 1990, Pack 666: Kicked out of Scouts following an alleged sexual abuse.

New York/Queens

  • Pederson, Hans, 1965, Troop 143, 389: Molested several boys, he had broken into a bungalow and committed unnatural acts.
    He was arrested for stealing money and a tv set.

North Syracuse

  • Winner, Scott M., 1989, Troop 150: Molested a 13-year- old scout while on a campout at Sabattis Scout Reservation. This
    incident was reported by another scout who witnessed the sexual-abuse. Scout authorities reported this incident to the police. Scott Winner was subsequently arrested, he confessed to his crimes and was sent to jail.

North Tonawanda

  • Cote, John L., 1988, Pack 185



  • Graham, Charles N., 1975, Troop 55: Pled guilty and jailed in 1975 for charges involving him and a teenage boy.


  • Ward, Timothy C., 1988, Troop 63: Charged with first-degree sexual-abuse reportedly involving a 13-year- old girl.


  • VonNeida, Daryl E., 1978, Troop 50: Parents of two scouts pressed charges for sexual-abuse. He was jailed for his crimes.



  • Myhre, John E., 1986, Troop 80: Pled guilty to second degree sodomy in 1986.

Port Henry

  • Steen, Darryl F., 1974, Pack 75: Arrested for 1st degree sodomy involving a Cub-Scout age boy.







  • Rigby, David W., 1976, Troop 400: While employed as a staff member at Camp Siwandy he was accused of sexual advances
    and abuse by other staff members as well as campers.


  • Alberga, Karl A., 1989, Explorer 724
  • DuPont, Lawrence J., 1986, Pack 29
  • Lewis, James R., 1988, Explorer 1, 7: Sent to prison in the late 80’s for sodomizing a teenage boy.
  • Teeling, Robert H., 1986, Troop 12: Pled guilty to three counts of second-degree sodomy. He had been sexually-abusing boys for four years before he was arrested. He met the boys through a Boy Scout Troop which was sponsored by the Police Department’s Community Center, the Troop disbanded after this incident.

Staten Island


  • Hughes, Tyrone Charles, 1965, Troop 123: Arrested for sodomy after complaint from the parents of kids in his scout troop.


  • Chiappone, Alan M., 1983, Troop 46
  • DeDell, R. Gary Jerome, 1967, Troop 24
  • DiMinuco, Frank G., 1987, Troop 76
  • Fitch, Robert D., 1967, Troop 37, Explorer 264
  • Hebert, Donald J., 1990, Troop 87: Molested a 14-year old boy in his scout troop in 1990.
  • Hollenback, Kenneth, 1988, Troop 23: Accused by several boys of inappropriately touching them and stripping off their
    clothes while working on a merit badge at Hollenback’s home.
  • Mero, John A., 1967, Troop 21: Parents wrote letters reporting sexual abuse and other strange behavior of the scout
  • Steffen, Gary Lee, 1987: Confessed to molesting a 10-year old boy. He was sentenced to a years’ probation.
  • Traver, Benjamin, 1991, Explorer 70: Traver resigned as a Syracuse police investigator after he was threatened to be arrested on sodomy charges. He was accused of molesting a 15-year old boy. Traver was never charged because the boy did not demand prosecution. Several Parents had complained to the police regarding Traver.


  • Prior, Robert G., 1990, Troop 87: Pled guilty to sexually-abusing a 14-year old boy. He had been involved with Troop 87
    for 27 years prior to his conviction.



  • Aycoth, Richard J., 1963, Troop 571
  • Naffky, Peter, 1989, Troop 450: Suspected of molesting scouts. Placed in the scouts’ ineligible volunteer file in 1990.


Tupper Lake

  • Patnode, Joseph Lloyd, 1961, Troop 23: Arrested in 1961 for disorderly conduct. He threatened somebody unless they
    committed sexual acts.



  • Noreau, Lawrence F., 1974, Troop 20: Arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor in 1974. Confessed to his crimes.
  • Rocker, Clifford W., 1987, Pack 55: Kicked out of scouts after it was found out he had sexual abuse charges standing against
    him. He was arrested in 1987 on more than one count of sodomy.




  • Walrath, Rodney Bruce, 1986, Troop 12, 17: Arrested for sodomy, sexual-abuse, and endangering the welfare of a child. Rodney
    Walrath was known as mentally unstable.


  • King, David W., 1969, Troop 112, 262, 314: Accused of sexual-abuse by boys in his scout troop. Placed on Boy Scouts confidential file in 1969.

West Babylon

White Lake

  • Morgan, Andrew T., 1990, Camp: Accused child-abuser. Impersonated priests in the Episcopal Faith, Russian Orthodox
    Faith and the Church of Later Day Saints.



Williston Park

  • Quintano, Anders, 1989, Troop 201: Convicted of sexually abusing a 10-year old girl. Conspired and abused children with
    Robert Izzo, who is also in Boy Scouts confidential file.


  • Porembski, Thomas, 1988, Troop 14: Accused of child sexual abuse. Placed on Boy Scouts confidential file in 1988.