Dale Lyle Logan

Dale Lyle Logan was a school teacher in the Artesia School System in Artesia, New Mexico as well as a Cubmaster of Pack 70 in that same city.  According to a letter from Jack Stoltz, Scout Executive of the Conquistador Council Boy Scouts of America, Logan was accused of moral perversion charges in 1963 in Amarillo, Texas.  Those charges were dropped  when Logan agreed to submit to psychiatric treatment.  In 1965, Logan was caught passing notes to grade school boys “of highly questionable nature,” which led to him to resign his position as a teacher at that time.  Interestingly, the Superintendent of the Artesia Public Schools wrote a letter accepting Logan’s resignation “because of moral grounds.”  In this letter, the Superintendent stated “I believe this information should be available to those who screen individuals who work with young boys.”

Click here for .pdf of BSA IV Perversion File