Gerald Gaddy Special Investigation

Special Investigation: Gerald Gaddy

Gerald Gaddy was the Assistant Girls Track Coach at the Simeon Career Academy on Chicago’s South side. It came as a surprise to the Simeon Career Academy community when on July 22, 2014, the Chicago Police arrested Gerald Gaddy for sexually abusing members of the girls track team. Gaddy was indicted by a Cook County grand jury on 32 Counts of criminal sexual conduct relating to three female student athletes. Ultimately, Gaddy was convicted for sexually assaulting the three students and he was sentenced to more than thirty (30) years in prison.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t Gerald Gaddy’s first brush with the law. In 1998, Gaddy was convicted of possession, manufacturing and distribution of cocaine. How was it possible for someone with a significant criminal record could become an Assistant Track Coach at a Chicago Public School? Gaddy had an office at the school where much of the sexual abuse occurred. Doesn’t the School District require background checks?

Documents in the Video:

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