Fr. Thomas Brady

MSG. Thomas Brady talks about visiting in the hospital teacher Patricia McGowan,63, who was mugged on the school grounds at Good Shepherd School in Marine Park this past Monday. This is the first graduation she has missed in 43 years!,she is at home on Staten Island after being punched in the face and knocked to the ground by the assailant. Police in the 61 pct have brought a 17 year old in for questioning today.  1943 Brown st.   Original Filename: DSC_3803.jpg



Diocese:  Diocese of Brooklyn

Notes:  Arrested 10/14/11 on recent charges of inappropriately touching a 13 yr old boy. Immediately placed on administrative leave. Another boy has made similar allegation. He retired from Good Shepherd Parish in Marine Park in 2009 but still lives in the rectory. He has had multiple strokes and is undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer. Many blame his medical conditions for his behavior. No indictment 5/12 on criminal charges but remains on leave while diocese continues investigation.

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