Fr. Louis (Luis) Rios

Diocese:  Archdiocese of New York, Diocese of Worcester, Archdiocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico

Religious Order:  Assumptionist

Summary of Assignments:

  • Assumption Prep, Worcester, MA; 1966-1967
  • Assumptionist Provincial House, New York, NY; 1967-1969
  • Assumption Prep, Worcester, MA; 1969-1970
  • St. Theresa’s, New York, NY; 1970-1973
  • Our Lady of Esperanza (Spanish), New York, NY; 1973-1978
  • Assumptionist Provincial House, New York, NY; 1977-1980
  • Nuestra Senora del Carmen, San Juan, PR; 1978-1980
  • Assumptionist Provincial House, New York, NY; 1980-1982
  • Assumptionist Provincial House, Milton, MA; 1982-1984

Notes:  Accused in 2/26/04 suit of forcing a 16-year-old girl to have intercourse, and when she got pregnant, offering her money from the NY parish collection and urging her to get an abortion. Rios knew the girl from catechism class, offered her GED tutoring, and then used a confidence about her violent father to begin the abuse and coerce her silence. Another priest promised to help her but didn’t. Rios also worked in the dioceses of Worcester MA, San Juan PR, and perhaps Boston MA.

Sources:  Complaint 02.26.04; Newsday 02.28.04 ;


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