Diocese of Gallup

Map of Catholic Diocese of Gallup

The following priests who worked within the Diocese of Gallup have had allegations of sexual abuse made against them.  Click on the name below for more information for each priest:

Fr. Michael J. Aten

Fr. Michael (Miguel) Baca, o.f.m.

Fr. George Baz

Fr. Ephrem/Ephraim Beltramea, o.f.m.

Fr. John Boland

Fr. James M. Burns

Fr. Crispin Butz

Fr. Charles Cichanowicz, o.f.m.

Fr. David J. Clark, c.m.f.

Fr. Finian Connelly, o.f.m.

Fr. Joseph Coutu

Fr. Julian Hartig, o.f.m.

Fr. James Lindenmeyer

Fr. Douglas A. McNeill

Fr. Rene D. Messier

Fr. Lucien Meurnier

Fr. John Ambrose Newton, c.p.p.s.

Fr. Jose H. Rodriguez

Fr. Conran Runnebaum, o.f.m.

Fr. Raul N. Sanchez

Fr. James J. Schlaffer

Br. Mark Schornack (Schomack), o.f.m.

Fr. Lawrence Schreiber, o.f.m.

Carl Todaro (Seminarian)

Fr. David E. Viramontes

Fr. Samuel J. Wilson

Br. Clementine Wottle, o.f.m.

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