Archdiocese of Sante Fe

Map of Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe

The following priests who worked within the Archdiocese of Santa Fe have had allegations of sexual abuse made against them.  Click on the name below for more information for each priest:

Br. Andrew Abdon, f.s.c.

Fr. Lionel Augustine Abeywickrema

Br. Alex, f.s.c.

Fr. Marvin Archuleta, s.f.

Fr. Paul M. Baca

Fr. Rudy Blea, o.s.b.

Br. Louis Brouseau, f.s.c.

Fr. Ronald Bruckner

Br. Marr Burbach, o.s.b.

Fr. Walter Edward Cassidy

Fr. Leo Courcy

Fr. Edward Francis Donelan

Fr. John L. Esquibel

Fr. Dennis Fountain, o.f.m.

Fr. Joseph Anthony Gallegos

Fr. Sabine Griego

Br. Dennis Huff, o.f.m.

Fr. Theodore Isaias

Fr. Christopher Kerr, o.f.m.

Fr. Robert J. Kirsch

Fr. Laurier A. Labreche

Fr. Vincent A. Lipinski

Fr. Hubert C. Lomme

Fr. Clive Lynn

Fr. Robert Patrick Malloy

Fr. Armando Martinez

Fr. Charles Martinez, o.f.m.

Fr. Luis (Louis) Martinez, s.f.

Fr. Diego Mazon

Br. Tom McConnell, f.s.c.

Fr. Michael P. O’Brien

Fr. John Peris

Fr. George Rieffer (Reiffer)

Fr. John C. Rodriguez

Fr. Ron (Ronald W.) Roth

Fr. Lorenzo Ruiz, o.f.m.

Fr. Edward Rutowski

Dn. Julian Sanchez

Fr. Clarence Schoepnner

Fr. George S. Silva

Fr. Robert J. Smith

Fr. Ignacio Tafoya

Fr. John George Weisenborn

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