Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Series Part 4 — Unmarried Without Children

Confidential BSA Record - Walter Kise CroppedBy Steve Crew and Peter Janci, July 11, 2015

Beginning in the 1910s, the Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”) began tracking pedophiles who operated in Scouting, creating what they named “the Perversion files”—internal secret files shared with no one that document the problem of sexual abuse in Scouting and the Boy Scouts’ response. Over the years the Boy Scouts destroyed thousands of its Perversion files, but many were preserved and new files are created every year. At least thirty-nine Minnesota Perversion files from 1960-1991 still exist and have been made public through child sexual abuse lawsuits against the Boy Scouts. This blog is Part 4 in a six-part series examining the Boy Scouts’ Minnesota Perversion files.

Walter Kise — Moorhead, Minnesota (1960)

The oldest Minnesota Perversion files that are available to the public date from January 26, 1960. Twenty-four year-old Assistant Scoutmaster Walter Kise of Moorhead, Minnesota was “[a]rrested for molesting boys who were Scouts in Troop 36.” One of the boys was reported to be as young as eleven. Prior to moving to Minnesota, Kise had for years worked in Scouting in Jamestown, North Dakota. A subsequent inquiry by North Dakota Scout officials revealed “a strong indication that he had been molesting boys for about as long as he had been in town which is about 2 years.” Kise was single and had no children.

James Bartlett — Minneapolis, Minnesota (1961)

BSA PatchIn 1961, thirty-one year-old James Bartlett was released from Scouting for numerous incidents of giving boys “more than a back massage.” He was single and had no children.

Malcolm McConahy — Minneapolis, Minnesota (1965)

Malcolm McConahy’s Perversion file states that in 1965 he admitted to sexually abusing two Boy Scouts in Minneapolis Troop 27. To his Scout victims, he was an Assistant Scoutmaster. To the rest of society, McConahy was single and childless nineteen year-old.

Roger Novak — St. Paul, Minnesota (1979)

In 1979, Scoutmaster Roger Novak was accused of sexually abusing two of his Scouts in St. Paul Troop 64. He subsequently plead guilty to one count of criminal sexual conduct. He had no wife, no children.

Michael Stachowski — Minneapolis, Minnesota (1981)

In 1981, thirty-four year-old Minneapolis Cub Scout leader Michael Stachowski was criminally charged for multiple sexual abuse of two children. When police searched his home they discovered a “suitcase filled with [over 200] pornographic photographs of young boys, pictures of [Stachowski] performing sex acts with youths, a two-way mirror in the bathroom and sexual paraphernalia.” “Pictures of boy scouts” were among the photographs seized by police. Stachowski, who “lived alone,” had no wife and no children of his own.

Mark Tancabel — Chisholm, Minnesota (1983)

In 1983, twenty-two year-old Assistant Scoutmaster Mark Tancabel was removed from Scouting and Chisholm Troop 247 after his arrest and admission to having sex with children. He was unmarried and without children.

Richard Eugene Currie — St. Paul, Minnesota (1987)

In 1987, thirty-four year-old Scoutmaster Richard Eugene Currie was banned from St. Paul Troop 25 and Scouting generally. He had been accused of performing fellatio on one of his Scouts. He was single and had no children.

Kise, Bartlett, McConahy, Novak, Stachowski, Tancabel, and Currie were all unmarried men with no children, yet were still drawn to work with boys in Scouting. These red flags—unmarried men with no children in the troops they volunteered with—are seen throughout the Perversion Files. Of the publically available Minnesota files, only 33% of the men in the files were listed as married. Only 18% were listed as having children who may have participated in their father’s troop. The Boy Scouts have admitted they never reviewed the Perversion Files—one of the largest informational databases on suspected pedophiles ever created—to discover these warning signs so that children could be protected or parents warned before the sexual attacks occurred.

If you have any information about any of the following Boy Scout leaders, we would like to speak with you on a confidential basis:

  • Walter Kise — Moorhead Troop 36
  • James Bartlett — Minneapolis
  • Malcolm McConahy — Minneapolis Troop 27
  • Roger Novak — St. Paul Troop 64
  • Michael Stachowski — Minneapolis
  • Mark Tancabel — Chisholm Troop 247
  • Richard Eugene Currie — St. Paul Troop 25

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About the Authors:

SteveCrewAttorney-250x250Steve Crew is an attorney with the Portland law firm of Crew Janci LLP.  Steve was a member of the trial team that achieved a$18.5 million verdict against the Boy Scouts of America in a sexual abuse case.   Steve has been a trial lawyer for over 35 years and he focuses his practice on helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse against predatory pedophiles and the institutions of trust that enable pedophiles to get access to children, including the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, the Mormon Church, and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

PeterJanciAttorney-250x250Peter Janci is also an attorney with the Portland law firm of Crew Janci LLP.  Steve was a member of the trial team that achieved a$18.5 million verdict against the Boy Scouts of America in a sexual abuse case.  Peter has represented more than one hundred victims of sexual abuse over nearly a decade where he aggressively opposed large and powerful institutions, including: the Catholic Church; the Mormon Church; the Boy Scouts of America; federal, state and local governments; and other public and private institutions of trust.


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